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Song Of Wandering Aengus, The
by Donovan
(Am) (bass run here A-D hammer on E-A, then E-G-A, repeat as necessary, also in verses)
I went out to the (G)hazelwood
Be(C)cause a (Em/B)fire was (Dm)in my head,
And I (C)cut and (G/B)peeled a (Am)hazel wand,
And hooked a (G)berry on a (Am)thread.

And when white moths were (G)on the wing
And (C)moth-like (Em/B)stars were (Dm)flickering out,
I (C)dropped the (G/B)berry (Am)in a stream
And caught a (G)little silver (Am)trout.

When I had laid it (G)on the floor
I (C)went to (Em/B)blow the (Dm)fire aflame,
But (C)something (G/B)rustled (Am)on the floor
And someone (G)called me by my (Am)name.

It had become a (G)glimmering girl
With (C)apple (Em/B)blossom (Dm)in her hair,
Who (C)called me (G/B)by my (Am)name and ran
And faded (G)through the brightening (Am)air.

Though I am old with (G)wandering
Through (C)hollow (Em/B)lands and (Dm)hilly lands,
I (C)will find (G/B)out where (Am)she has gone
And kiss her (G)lips and take her (Am)hands,

And walk among long (G)dappled grass,
And (C)pluck till (Em/B)time and (Dm)times are done
The (C)silver (G/B)apples (Am)of the moon,
The golden (G)apples of the (Am)sun.  (Am6)    (Am*)    (Am7)    (Am6)    (Am*)    (Am)
notes by Anonymous