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by Donovan
The Poet:
One hundred billion suns spin in our Milky Way
Ten million galaxies beyond
That we can hear, that we just hear
And larger than our own
And out beyond, beyond - an infinity of suns
Vast spinning islands in the firmament
We cannot hear the sounds of what is out beyond our ken
Beyond may be forever spinning worlds
How can we upon on Earth view the world below
With the eye of greed and enmity
Marvellous the motion of the shining universe
Open up your heart to unity

Aphrodite rose from her golden couch and smiled

How petty these mortals be
Listen to that poet
Trying to describe the immensity of my never ending universe
My ceremonials they have debased
My rituals forgotten
Listen well, my handmaids
Were there but one poet who can truly praise me
Perhaps then he may be able to save this little planet
From the foolishness of humankind
notes by Anonymous