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Poor Cow
by Donovan
  :     .       :     .       :     .       :     .       :     .       :     .
        I dwell in…………...  
  G             C             G             G 
  :     .       :     .       :     .       :     .
   C            F            C
I dwell in the north in the green country
 F       G     C      G
Far I'm here, far I'm here     
       C          F          C
And I take to my rest at the end of day,  
F         G           C         G    C
Whilst o'erhead pretty stars do play
And then I dream along     
C   G
Then I make a song
 Am                   D             Am
About everything that I've known and feltAnd it makes my sadness melt

  D            /f    /e       Dm
  :     .       :     .       :     .
Then I wake up in the funny old kind of dayThe rain has gone away,
 Dm7                    C
Watching the children sing and play
       F               C
In the garden and the roadway
     F                   C
Up comes a little one singing a song
   F                        C
About a friend she knows called Rosie
 F                    C            F                   C
Off to the greenwood you must go, bring-a me one fine posie
  F         C        G        C          G         F      G
All of a sudden I'm light as air, I feel sad as a butterfly.
notes by Jean-David Blanc